For the Love of Cheese: Recipes and Wisdom from the Cheese Boutique

For the Love of Cheese: Recipes and Wisdom from the Cheese Boutique

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Author: Pristine, Afrim

Brand: Appetite by Random House

Color: Black

Edition: Illustrated

Binding: Paperback

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 224

Release Date: 02-10-2018

Part Number: 115 Illustrations, unspecified

Details: Product Description From Afrim Pristine, the internationally-renowned maître fromager and host of Food Network Canada's Cheese: A Love Story, comes a cookbook and all-encompassing cheese guide featuring everyone's favorite ingredient. Afrim Pristine may possess the most distinguished professional title a cheesemonger could ask for-- maître fromager--but if you ask him what business he's in, he'll tell you he sells happiness. That's because cheese is inextricably linked to wonderful memories and celebrations for so many of us. No matter the occasion, cheese and cheesy dishes are always greeted with a smile. In his first cookbook, Afrim is here to teach you the basics of more than 55 cheeses. You'll learn about the best ways to buy and store cheese, how to pair different cheeses with different beverages and how to create the cheese board of your dreams. And with his signature sense of humor and warmth, Afrim offers 60 easy and enticing recipes for every mealtime, including a bonus chapter called Low Risk, High Reward, for those moments when you're looking to simply eat cheese with the perfect accompaniment. Alongside Afrim's best dishes are 20 masterpieces from the world's top chefs--everyone from Daniel Boulud, Claudio Aprile, Anthony Walsh, and Rob Gentile to Chuck Hughes, Anna and Michael Olson, Bob Blumer and more. With personal anecdotes and helpful information, creative and delicious recipes, and beautiful photography, For the Love of Cheese is sure to bring joy to your kitchen and your heart. Review Praise for Afrim Pristine and For the Love of Cheese “The world’s most accomplished young cheesemonger spills everything he knows about what’s good, where to find it and how to enjoy it once you’ve got it home. Sure, this is a cookbook about cheese, but more than that, it’s the guide to life every food lover needs.” —Chris Nuttal-Smith, food writer “Every time I go to Cheese Boutique, it feels like coming home after a long stretch in jail. With open, nonjudgmental arms, Afrim is always there for me, regardless of what kind of cheese I pick. In this amazing book, he takes his brilliance on the road to the benefit of readers everywhere. Afrim is the greatest human I know! BUY THIS BOOK!!!” —Matty Matheson, chef and host of Dead Set on Life and It’s Suppertime! “If you know Afrim, you know that he is just a big kid in a cheese-loving man’s body. This book is a perfect reflection of his fun and youthful approach to food and entertaining. He is a pillar of Toronto’s culinary scene and there isn’t a better person to learn from if you love cheese as much as he does.” —Grant van Gameren, chef/owner of Bar Isabel and Bar Raval “A must-have book for any cheese lover! This wonderful cookbook is a celebration of the Pristine family—their commitment, passion, and love for cheese is evident on every page, where cheese is the star ingredient in Afrim’s delicious recipes!” —David Rocco, chef, TV star, and creator of the Dolce Vita series “Afrim Pristine: the man who convinced me to try (and, later, love!) blue cheese. Afrim is a regular guest on my show and his passion for what he does shines through. He is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but kind, too. I am thrilled that readers will get to spend time with my friend through this amazing book that celebrates all things cheese.” —Marilyn Denis, host of The Marilyn Denis Show “Afrim Pristine has a global perspective and vast knowledge about the wonderful world of cheese. He shares his amazing stories and family traditions. It is a gem and is the most delicious book on cheese I've ever read.” —Lynn Crawford, author of Farm to Chef “FINALLY!!! A book on cheese that needs to be every culinary library on the continent . . . including my own. Beautifully written, beautifully designed, and filled with heart.” —Anita Stewart, Food Laureate, founder of Food Day Canada, and member of the Order of Canada "Every gustatory pleasure seeker I know wants a copy. Part cookbook, part chee

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Package Dimensions: 9.9 x 7.1 x 0.6 inches

Languages: English