Orders canceled at least 48 hours before the customer's selected date are eligible for a full refund.

Orders canceled up to 24 hours before the order date are eligible for a 50% refund.

Orders canceled same-day will not be refunded.



Delivery drivers will make every attempt to make a face-to-face (masked!) confirmation at every stop. If delivery is being made during the customer's chosen time slot and there is no answer, the order will be left in a safe but visible spot. It is the customer's responsibility to bring the order inside. Good Grazes is not responsible for the quality of food after it has been left outdoors for a prolonged period.

Should the driver be arriving outside of the selected time frame, we will contact you to update you on the order's status and ensure you receive it directly.

Our drivers do their best to adhere to the customer's chosen time slot for delivery. Weather and other unforeseen events can cause delays, but we will inform the customer of any significant delay.

If an order is a gift for a recipient other than the customer, it is the customer's responsibility to advise the recipient that a perishable food delivery is arriving during the chosen time slot. We do not contact the recipient on behalf of the customer. Should the recipient not be home to accept the order, the driver will leave it in a safe and visible place. Drivers will only make one attempt at delivery.

If insufficient information was provided for the delivery (missing name or unit / buzzer number, etc) we will attempt to contact you to ensure delivery, but if we fail to reach you the order will be available later in the day for pickup at our location. An order can be picked up as late as the next day, but we can no longer guarantee its quality or freshness. No refunds are given for failed deliveries due to insufficient information provided by the customer, or for orders not accepted by a gift recipient.



Our meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables are sliced daily to order. We guarantee the freshness and quality of our products for consumption on the same day they were prepared and delivered.

We recommend ordering a grazing box or board on the day you intend to eat it, as the products degrade in quality when refrigerated overnight in their tight arrangement.  If an order is being consumed more than 10 hours after preparation, we can no longer promise the best possible grazing experience with fresh and tasty snacks.



Our grazing boxes and boards are made to order so we can omit certain problematic foods like nuts and gluten products. We do, however, work with most of the common allergens in our shop and cannot guarantee an order will not come into contact with traces of allergens. We do our best to prevent cross-contamination when we get an allergy-related request, but cannot offer a guarantee.