UPDATES to our delivery policy

Hey there Grazers!

Just a quick housekeeping note to keep you updated on some new changes.

Due to LRT construction causing traffic congestion, as well as staff shortages, we've had to reduce our available daily delivery slots, as well as limit our radius. Traffic issues have created a difficult challenge when it comes to getting your orders to you in a timely manner.

Staff shortages (felt by all food businesses these days) also mean we have fewer drivers available for delivery.

We very much encourage you to choose the pickup option, as our capacity in the kitchen remains unchanged. This way, you can have your snack exactly when you want it. As thanks for your efforts to come pick up your order, we're offering two free dessert bars with every pickup order, by using the code PICKUPDESSERT at checkout!

Another option that helps us out is when you use our delivery partners - iDeliver (the local choice), Uber Eats, and Skip The Dishes. These services have access to a fleet of drivers that help us get your order to you.